Wholesale Soy Candle Making Supplies

You want to make soy candles, but where to buy the supplies? Here I’ll guide you to some of the wholesale soy candle making supply companies that I’ve bought my wholesale candle supplies from. I’ve had great experiences with the ones that I have at the top of the list.

I will add more companies as I research as to different wholesale candle supply companies in each state in order to make it easier for you to buy from those that are closer to home. It helps so much if you have a soy candle making supplier nearby to save on shipping. That was a huge advantage for me as I have a wholesale supplier that I get my wax and most of my other supplies from only about 45min. away from me. So if it was going to cost more in shipping charges than gas to drive there, then I’d just go pick up my candle supplies in person.

So here’s the list of where to buy soy candle making supplies wholesale:

CandleSoylutions Soy Candle Supplies– Excellent wholesale soy candle wax supplier in Eugene, Oregon, and they have great prices on their soy wax, as well as lots of fragrance oils, jars, wicks and other supplies. Pretty much everything you need to start making soy candles. They are also very friendly and always try to accommodate their customers as much as possible. I will continue to buy from them for making my personal soy candles.

Brambleberry Candle and Soap Making Supplies– Another excellent company. They have soy candle wax too, but I love their fragrance oils and essential oils. I have also bought some soap to try out soap making, but never got around to it….lol But they have excellent customer service as well and are located in Washington.

Wholesale Supplies Plus Candle and Soap Making Supplies– I’ve bought a few things from this candle and soap supply company and have had a good experience with them. They offer free shipping, of course some of their wholesale supplies cost more because of that, but fragrance oils are priced well, and I’ve bought some wicks from them.

Candle Cocoon Candle Making Supplies, Fragrance Oils and Dyes– Oh, their fragrance oils are more expensive, but they…..are….Awesome! They are also more concentrated so you don’t use as much and they have lots of unique fragrances. If it wasn’t for trying to save on shipping by using the supplier closest to me (Candle Cocoon shipping costs are very reasonable though), I probably would have bought my fragrance oils from Candle Cocoon on a more regular basis. You must try them out!